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Sep 18, 2020 - Explore Pascination's board "Oyster Varities & recipes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about recipes, oyster recipes, oysters. As far as following rules goes, the r-month suggestion originates from a time when oysters were wild harvested – allowing for their spawning season, when water temperatures are warmer. Nowadays Oysters may only be harvested by hand or with a hand-held manually operated prying tool (no hammers, etc.). Min. size 2.5” measured across longest distance of shell. the Shellfish Emergency Rule Answer 1 of 11: In Cabo now looking for fresh oysters on the shell, any info? It is located just down from the Casino on the same side of the street. You can also get them at "Combined with modern refrigeration, and the use of non-spawning oysters in farms, the old reasoning behind the R-month advice mostly falls apart today — as long as you refrain from amateur oystering when it's hot. Because once an oyster goes bad, no amount of cooking will make it safe Spawning oysters, while not inedible, are unpleasant and milky. Some oysters are bred to be incapable of spawning so these are consumed all year long. Additionally, during the hot months, vendors can easily import oysters from cooler regions where they are not spawning. Nowadays, there are so many areas where oysters are farmed, it is not difficult to find non-spawning oysters year round. Six

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